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Gallery 2000-5

Pempelfort park
High speed ICE train
Hafen district
Düsseldorf 2005
Düsseldorf 2005
Düsseldorf 2005
Flemish architecture in France
View of River Avon
Harbourside festival
Lille 2005
Saltford 2005
Bristol 2005
Barge trip on canal
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral from castle
Bath 2005
Lincoln 2005
Lincoln 2005
All pictures below are pre-digital and therefore have been scanned in.  
Montjuic lasers at night
Between Bristol and Bath
Barcelona 2004
Barcelona 2004
River Avon 2004
Concorde's last flight:taken from Clifton Down's Sea Walls
Jamie with his uncle
Bridge of sighs behind
Bristol 2003
Bristol 2002
Venice 2001
Late afternoon at the Basque beach
Cantabrian coast
Double rainbow in Asturias
Zarautz 2000
San Vicente de la
Barquera 2000
Arenas de Cabrales 2000


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